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    CWDM Long-distance optical transmission network solutions

    First,with the East & West Add-Drop CWDM OADM coarse wavelength optical add / drop multiplexer, one or more new access points can be added anywhere in the CWDM long-distance optical transport network without affecting other channels in the entire network. In order to improve network transmission Efficiency, WDM technology is often deployed in equipment.

    1.CWDM multiplexing / demultiplexing features

    CWDM multiplexer / demultiplexer has low insertion loss and high stability, suitable for many applications, such as CATV links, WDM systems, metro and access networks, FTTH networks, etc.As CWDM system wavelength interval wide, wider wavelength interval means that the structure of the optical multiplexer / demultiplexer is greatly simplified and its cost is greatly reduced. The use of CWDM multiplexer / demultiplexer with three package types is common,  they are 1/2 U19 " , 1U 19 "Rack Mount, and ABS Pigtail Cartridge.

    2.CWDM access solution features

    Save fiber resources

    CWDM (Coarse wavelength division multiplexing) that is, CWDM system, which uses optical multiplexer will be transmitted in different optical fiber wavelength multiplexed into an optical fiber transmission;at the receiving end of the link, using the demultiplexer restores the wavelength to its original wavelength.The whole link has only one fiber, to solve effective network access in the case of extremely tight fiber resources.

    Multi-service, high bandwidth

    CWDM is a basic transmission platform that can be adapted and transmitted according to the actual applied rate. It supports multiple transmission services . At each wavelength, CWDM services include 10M / 100M / 1000M Ethernet services, 155M / 622M / 2.5 G SDH business, 155M / 622M ATM business, and Fiber Channel services etc.

    Cost-effective, easy to upgrade the network

    The price of CWDM system is much lower than that of DWDM system. Due to the small power, small size and easy to use of CWDM, the cost of supporting facilities, personnel training and post-maintenance is relatively low.Comparing with optical cable project,CWDM equipment is used rapidly , Low cost, convenient network upgrade in the later period, direct increase of needed signal, or replacement of higher speed products, no need to change fiber links, easy network upgrade, reduced network upgrade cost.

    3.CWDM in the multi-service hybrid access network

    With the improvement of people's living standards, the current single network access can not satisfy the people's demand for the network gradually. The feature of CWDM system supporting multi-service is getting more and more attention. It can provide E, FE, GE, STM -1 / 4/16 SDH and ATM signals, CATV video interfaces and other multi-service access to the CWDM system solutions that can really meet the current requirements of people.

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