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    CWDM & DWDM combined transmission solution

    Why CWDM & DWDM combination network can be achieved

    The CWDM wavelength range is 1270-1610 nm and the channel spacing is 20 nm, virtually covering all ranges of DWDM wavelengths, whereas DWDM wavelength channel spacing is much smaller (0.4 nm / 0.8 nm).So CWDM wavelengths near DWDM wavelengths can be used to transmit DWDM wavelength.In most practical applications, CWDM 1530nm and 1550nm channels are used to achieve CWDM & DWDM combined transmission.

    The advantages of CWDM & DWDM combined optical transmission

    .Reduce costs & investment protection

    .Add DWDM wavelengths to CWDM systems to increase capacity and maximize return on investment

    .Pay-as-you-grow Feature
    .Easily scale CWDM solutions to 44 wavelengths without impacting network traffic

    .Easy to install and maintain

    .Installed in the FMU 2-slot 1U chassis, facilitates cable management and network operation

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